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Reward Points

Welcome to the Shrew Ecosystem

Let the Future Take You to Higher Grounds.

Utilizing the latest technology to deliver a new experience in reward points.

Shrew Rewards Platform

A single app seamlessly integrating multiple reward point providers. Earn, store, spend & trade with Shrew.


A fully compliant Binance Smart Chain token which will be the cornerstone of the rewards ecosystem.

Next-generation Blockchain Technology

Using the power of blockchain, We will connect providers with customers & customers with each other.

Opening Up New Possibilities.

Onboarding of new points providers will allow increased utility and liquidity of reward points.


Say Goodbye to Plastic Cards.

Say Hello to the Future.

We started Shrew.com as we believe the multi-billion dollar reward points industry is too restrictive, ironically unrewarding and full of inefficiencies.

A strong vision, superior technical knowledge, blockchain technology and a properly crafted cryptocurrency are all key ingredients that can overcome each of these problems. And we have them all.

Shrew stands for SHopping REWards, a platform where users can bring in existing rewards accounts, earn points using a single app for multiple point providers and trade these points with others using blockchain. The SHREW token will be the bridging currency between each point type and will thus have deep utility and value.



Initial SHREW Supply


Pre-sale Event




Max Burn Amount


Liquidity Pool

Target Partners

Are you ready to invest in the future?

Learn more about how to purchase the SHREW token. Hit the button below to start.

+44 7852 315 716


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