SHREW Pre-Sale Event

Welcome to the exclusive pre-sale event. This is your chance to purchase the SHREW token at a 75% discount ($0.0005 per SHREW) compared with the launch price set on the PancakeSwap exchange ($0.002 per SHREW).

Purchases can be made securely either via your Coinbase wallet or alternative methods listed below.

Step 1

Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, you MUST have created a wallet that can store Binance Smart Chain tokens. We recommend downloading Trust Wallet.

The Binance Smart Chain wallet is where we will send your SHREW token.

Click here to follow this video tutorial and get your BSC wallet address.

Step 3

Purchase Shrew using crypto securely via Coinbase by clicking the below button (making sure to include the same email you signed up with). If using Coinbase wallet, we recommend choosing "Pay with Coinbase" when redirected to Coinbase.

If you prefer to pay using using traditional methods, click the PayPal button below and you can use PayPal or pay by card through PayPal's secure portal.

We recommend using the below methods. If for any reason you are unable to purchase using the methods below, please reach out to our team on our Telegram channel for alternative methods such as payment with bnb. t.me/shrewdotcom

Step 2

Once you have your Binance Smart Chain wallet, you will need to complete the sign up on our site and supply your wallet address. This is key for us to link your purchase to your wallet. Ensure that you supply your email address accurately.

Sign-up here.

Form will automatically close once you submit - no need to resubmit. Move on to step 3.

Step 4

Congratulations on investing in the Shrew Ecosystem, your SHREW is on its way!

Please note that delivery of SHREW tokens may take up to 72 hours, so please wait at least 72 hours before reaching out to support.