SHREW Pre-Sale Event

Welcome to the exclusive pre-sale event. This is your chance to purchase the SHREW token at a 10% discount (350,000 SHREW per BNB) compared with the launch price set on the PancakeSwap exchange when we launch!

Purchases can be made securely on the DX Sale platform using the BNB coin. Follow steps below to participate.

Step 1

Before purchasing SHREW, you MUST have created a wallet that can store Binance Smart Chain tokens. We recommend downloading Trust Wallet if on a Android mobile device or using Metamask if on iPhone.

The Binance Smart Chain wallet is where we will send your SHREW token once the DX Sale event ends on 17th July.

There are a few options you can follow using the videos below.

Once done, vist step 2.

A. Setting up Trust Wallet on Android.

Click here for video

B. Setting up Metamask on Desktop (recommended for iPhone).

Click here for video

C. Setting up Metamask App including importing Trust wallet (iPhone workaround).

Click here for video

Step 3

Congratulations! Your SHREW tokens are now reserved! If you require any help please do visit our community on Telegram where the developers and the CEO are available to assistor send us an email at Contact@shrew.com


Step 2

Once you have your wallet set up, ensure that you have the BNB coin in your smartchain wallet. You can do this by buying BNB on exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance etc. Make sure you don't send BNB directly from the exchange to DX Sale. Instead you should send it to your new wallet first.

You are now ready to participate in the presale on DX Sale! Select the video to see how to participate depending on the type of wallet you chose in step 1. 

A. Buying with Trust Wallet on Android.

Click here for video

B. Buying with Metamask on Desktop.

Click here for video

C. Buying with Metamask App.

Click here for video