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Shrew Ecosystem Roadmap

Creation of SHREW Cryptocurrency - April 2021

By April 2021 we will have created the SHREW token on the Binance Smart Chain. SHREW will be fully BEP20 compliant, meaning it will conform to the standards required by the Binance Smart Chain and will encompass all the functions necessary to power the Shrew Ecosystem.

Website and Whitepaper  - May 2021

Our Whitepaper is already created but we are finalizing a few details to ensure readers have all the information to hand. Upgrades will be made to the website to allow purchase of SHREW and facilitate its distribution to buyers. Our social channels will be fully up and running.

Pre-sale Events - May - June 2021

Early adopters will have the ability to purchase SHREW at a discount to first listing, through our website before listing on any exchanges. 100% of funds raised through DX Sale presale will be put directly into a liquidity pool to allow liquid trading on an exchange. A limited supply of tokens will be available for pre-sale purchase.

Liquidity Pool on Pancake Swap - July 2021

A liquidity pool will be created on Pancake Swap , a decentralized exchange with almost $800M of daily trading volume at the time of writing. This will allow SHREW to be traded instantly with anyone around globe. This will kick-start trading of SHREW and the initial price will be set at 10% higher than the pre-sale price.

Listing on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko - August - December 2021

Once we have our liquidity pool up and running, we will file to have SHREW added to Coinmarketcap.com, Coingecko.com and other price aggregation sites. This will provide exposure to new investors via one of the most visited websites in the world.

Listing on Centralized Exchanges - September 2021  & Beyond

Applications will be made for SHREW to be listed on some of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, starting with Binance.com. This will create further liquidity and opportunity for larger price increases of the SHREW token.

Build of Shrew Ecosystem -  January 2022 & Beyond

The build of the Shrew Ecosystem will commence. Using funds raised through the pre-sale, our eager team will start building the Shrew application, utilizing next-generation blockchain technology. A full road map will be revealed closer to this date. As the product progresses, the utility of the token will come to life.

Marketing and Partnerships - 2022 & Beyond

The most exciting stage of our journey will be the drive to onboard high-street and online stores onto our platform. We will be working hard from the beginning to build trustful relationships with organisations and transition them over to the Shrew Ecosystem.

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The Shrew Ecosystem

Shrew stands for SHopping REWards, an ecosystem that will aim to simplify and connect stores from all over the world. In the process, we will create a network that will allow anyone, around the globe to seamlessly earn, store and spend SHREW at any store. Opening up possibilities for both the stores and the consumer.

The multi-billion dollar rewards industry is about to be transformed.

SHREW Debit Card - 2022 & Beyond

The SHREW debit card will allow customers to top up a single card and use this card to pay for shopping. When the card is used at a participating retailer that pays out SHREW rewards, those rewards will automatically accumulate by use of the SHREW debit card. Making payment and earning of rewards a single action.